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Double Opt-In Requirements – Not So Good for Marketers

Double opt-in requirements are a problem for marketers. Frankly, double opt-in requirements were created by email service providers to protect THEIR sender reputation, THEIR email deliverability rating. The claim was that anyone could put anyone else's info into an...

GDPR and the US-Based Marketer – What You Need to Know

If you are a US-based marketer and there’s even the slightest possibility that you have EU people in your email lists, you need to know how you could be on the hook, what it could cost you if you aren’t in compliance, and how GDPR impacts you.

What’s Wrong with That Website?

What is your website doing for you? Is it allowing you to capture and engage your perfect potential customers? Are you attracting site visitors who are just beginning their buyers' journey and giving them a way to engage with you? If your website is like most websites...

Emails Aren’t Delivered; People Are Not Engaged

"We don't think our emails are getting delivered." It's a complaint we hear all too often, usually right out of the gate when we're being asked to take a look at an organization's email strategy. The first "take a look" call always starts with a lot of questions,...

Can You Email Your Way Out of a Sales Slump?

It's a fact: no one can make someone do something they aren't ready to do. Just like you can't make someone wash a car, even if it is filthy, if they're not ready to do it. Emails can't make someone buy whatever you're selling if they're not ready to buy. Your perfect...

Here’s My Stuff. Buy My Stuff.

The inbox is a cave, and a madly rushing stream runs through that cave. You can hear the stream rushing, but you can't see it, because it is dark. Every email in that inbox is a voice in the darkness, trying to get your attention. One is calling "I sell headlamps....

New Lead – Yeah! Now What?

We as marketers work tirelessly to get leads to opt-in or subscribe…but then what? Often times, we see those new leads simply added to the standard email cadence, frequently without paying attention to how that lead came in, what their interests are, or why they'd be...

If Content is King, What’s the Strategy?

Why is content so important? "I've got a Contact Us button on every page of my website, and that's all I need, right?" Nope. "I've got a blog with a Subscribe button on it. That's enough, right?" Nope, again. What's in that blog? What content is on your website? How...

Personal Emails or Performing Emails – Pick TWO

Personal emails perform well. So here's my question: if personal emails perform well, why don't more people do them? There are two key aspects to personal emails. 1. The FROM address. That's right - who is your email from? In the inbox of your recipient, what does it...



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