Comprehensive Lead Management Is Key

Do you know who your most engaged leads are?  Can you identify those ready for a sales conversation?  Many companies end up capturing leads in multiple systems:  their email service provider newsletter list, a CRM, or directly to a specific inbox (when people complete the "contact us" page).

Having information about your leads distributed across several systems leaves your knowledge about your lead pipeline incomplete -- which wastes your time because you don't know who's most interested and likely ready for a sales conversation.     

But you need to grow your leads, and provide qualified leads into your sales process, and you don't have an unlimited budget.  This is where working harder isn't going to help you.  And that should be a relief!

Rather than hiring additional sales people, what if you could make your sales folks more effective?  If they could leverage their time with leads that are the most likely to be sales-ready, they will close more deals just through eliminating the time spent on spinning their wheels with guesswork and cold calls.

Genoo allows you to better manage your leads through their buying process, and automate the follow-up communications that are repetitive in nature as leads conduct their research and learn about your organization and how they can address the problems and issues they are interested in solving.?

You need a comprehensive system that will not only track your email marketing, but go beyond it to tracking how leads engage with your organization, and especially tracking activity that indicates buying intent, so you will know who is most interested and who isn't -- and spend the valuable time turning those who are interested into customers.

Consider These Facts

Converting Leads To Sales

Studies that show 70% of leads passed to sales are never followed up on.  Now consider this follow-up reality: 

  • 2% of sales close on the first contact.
  • 3% close on the second contact.
  • 4% close on the third contact.
  • 10% close on the fourth contact.
  • 81% of sales that close, close on or after the fifth contact!

But only 10% of businesses actually follow through to the fifth contact point and beyond.  Leaving 81% of their potential sales behind!

How much business are you losing due to ineffective lead management?

Email List Management

email list management is not lead management.

Email Service Providers can't give you what you really need.  Emails are a terrific communication and relationship-building channel, and done well be a useful as part of your online marketing mix, but it's not enough to know that leads opened or clicked through an email.  You need to know what else they've done.  

  • How many visits?  
  • What have they downloaded?
  • Is their interest increasing?  
  • Have they engaged in any activities that would be a good indicator of buying intent (like visit your pricing page)?

Email Service Providers don't give you that view.  They don't allow you to manage your leads -- they allow you to manage your email list.??

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—"We are very pleased with the system. It's been providing the lead-generation and -qualification capabilities my company has been looking for. There are so many great functions, we have yet to scratch the surface. Kudos to a great product."
Jay Luis
Marketing Manager
BETA LaserMike