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Integrate Your Blog With Your Marketing Campaigns Seamlessly

Genoo provides a full blogging platform that furthers your marketing efforts by fueling your SEO, lead management and email marketing efforts. Traditional blogging platforms were not created with marketing in mind. Genoo, however, is different. It was built to be used specifically by marketing professionals and business owners, without a lot of technology know-how!

With Genoo it’s easy to create content that attracts and captures visitors by connecting blog posts, webpages and calls-to-action together. Once a visitor has converted into a commenter, subscriber or other type of lead they are effortlessly entered into a single lead management database for purposes of lead scoring, email marketing and effective follow-up. All with one tool.

The recent changes to Google’s search algorithm have changed how blogs are viewed by the world’s most popular search engine. To ensure blogs stay highly ranked, it’s crucial that they present relevant content on every page and post. With Genoo, you can easily change sidebar content for every post – unlike traditional blogs. Posts can also feature related content links and tables of content without knowledge of HTML or programming. (Learn more about Google’s last algorithm change in our article titled "SEO Basics After Penguin and Panda.")

It's time to bring blogging into the modern, inbound marketing world. No plugin conflicts to resolve, and no technical expertise necessary. It's all built in.

Blog Feature Comparison Chart

We've broken down the differences between popular blogging tool Wordpress and Genoo. Versus the traditional blogging platform, it's easy to see how Genoo is built for marketers to use easily.


Genoo Blogging platform for marketers

Key Features for Marketers:

On-Page SEO Basics such as the ability to set Title, Meta description, URL, etc. check

via plugin

Attach links to related posts automatically


via plugin

Select related posts and website pages manually   check
Specify Call-to-Action placement on blog pages, and create or select CTA's from CTA library. check
Store subscribers and commenters in central lead database   check
Full control over subscriber email content and send timing.   check
Control comment fields and stop comment spam from being published live.   check
Track blog activities across all leads, including social follow, sharing, comments, subscriber status, and pages viewed.   check
Multi-page blog posts with table of contents and pagination.   check
Support for Google Authorship  (plugin could also allow cross-site scripting issues) check
Potential Plugin Conflicts You Resolve check
Potential unfriendly page HTML for SEO (i.e. not clean code that search engines reward) check
Comprehensive Help & Support built in   check