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Embrace The Future of CE Marketing!

Genoo has teamed up with Augusoft Lumens® Continuing Education Registration and Management software to provide an integrated suite of marketing tools and consulting to help Lumens customers market their programs at a new level of effectiveness.

The world of adult education has changed tremendously in the past several years. While growth and interest in adult education is growing, the competition has also increased. New types of competitors have entered the market place in competition with you for students' time and money.

Genoo and Lumens together give continuing education programs a comprehensive and integrated set of tools that enable them to better manage, market, and grow their continuing education and contract training business and success.

The Future of CE Marketing

the future of continuing education marketing

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path to growth and self-sufficiency.

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Genoo + Lumens® = Success

continuing education marketing

Download the datasheet (PDF) on how Genoo and Lumens work together, and how your organization can benefit from the integrated tools, data and insights you can gain.

Agile CE Marketing is at your fingertips with a comprehensive offering that will elevate your marketing success.

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Features with Lumens® Integration

  1. Real-Time transfer of Student information into Genoo upon Registration, or Learner sign up in Lumens.
  2. Custom fields populated with registration information that helps with segmenting and targeting.
  3. Lumens site tracking of all pages visited during session on logged-in users.
  4. Open Class Lists for your web pages - configure list appearance, set filters so list matches webpage content, and relax! it's always up-to-date.

2500% ROI With Agile Marketing And Genoo

Pierpont Community & Technical College's Continuing Education saw a huge return on their investment within the first three months of being a customer with Genoo. Learn how they turned $600 on one campaign that brought them a 48% conversion rate, and a 2500% return on investment.


CE Users Recommend Genoo

"The integration of Genoo with our Lumens (Augusoft) enrollment management system allows us to easily target and segment our past students for future classes. The marketing strategy assistance and coaching received from the Genoo team has been invaluable."