Getting Off the Time-for-Money Treadmill

If you're a consultant, a coach, a software company, or offering professional services, you could potentially benefit from hearing the path we've started down to add more value for our customers. I don't often share stores about how we do things inside Genoo, but this particular story could inspire you. Read on, or watch.

Complacency is the Enemy of Success

Success today doesn't mean success tomorrow. You've heard the definition of insanity before (doing the same thing we've always done and expecting different results), and it's true. It's all more than that. Doing the same thing we've always done and expecting it to always work is equally unrealistic, given the pace of change and access to information we have today. 

Get the Full Benefits of Your Marketing Automation

One common misconception about marketing automation is that it’s basically a life-support system for scheduling and sending emails. We’ve been told that humans only use 10% of their brains, right? Similarly, most marketers only use 10% of their marketing automation capabilities. It’s actually mind-blowing how many ways marketing automation can be applied to your business.

Is Your Website Trying to Be Everything to Everyone?

Does your website communicate specifically to your perfect potential customer, or does it try to be all things to all people? Do you present a dollar-store vibe to visitors, or a boutique-style persona to attract a certain niche? We’ve encountered many clients who need to assess their websites this way.

Your Success Depends on a Strong Buyer Persona

The old adage, “Know your audience” is just as important today, especially if you need to create a successful marketing campaign. Understanding who your audience is and why they should buy from you is key to crafting a marketing strategy that connects your audience and draws them towards your product or service. 

How Emails Can Fail to Connect with Your Audience – We Break it Down

Have you ever wondered why some of your emails go into the Promotions or Clutter folders? Or why your emails don’t seem to be read in general? You’ve read numerous email deliverability blogs on the topic, and perhaps you still can’t figure it out.

We see it on a regular basis - the same frustrating situation of email deliverability. 

Relevance, not “Batch and Blast,” is the Key to Better Email Strategy

If you want to triple your email results without jeopardizing your list, I’ve got a strategy to share with you. I know this works, because we do it ourselves; we send more emails and get fewer opt-outs while increasing our sender reputation. I am convinced that you can get the same results with our method, and I’ll explain why.

Stop Using Demographics to Segment Your Leads

Segmentation is one of the most effective ways to engage your leads. But how you segment makes a big difference in how much time you spend creating content for your leads, as well as in the outcome of your efforts. 

The Real Disconnect Between Sales & Marketing

For years now, there has been much discussion about recognizing and overcoming the disconnect between Sales and Marketing. 

Deliverability and Engagement of Your Emails: Treat the cause, not the symptom

A new potential client contacted us to discuss deliverability of their email transmissions; they wanted us to figure out if we could help them get more of their emails to the inbox. Of course, we were happy to explore this – and with new customers, we begin by asking a lot of questions to get an overall perspective of their methods.


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