Stop Using Demographics to Segment Your Leads

Segmentation is one of the most effective ways to engage your leads. But how you segment makes a big difference in how much time you spend creating content for your leads, as well as in the outcome of your efforts. 

The Real Disconnect Between Sales & Marketing

For years now, there has been much discussion about recognizing and overcoming the disconnect between Sales and Marketing. 

Deliverability and Engagement of Your Emails: Treat the cause, not the symptom

A new potential client contacted us to discuss deliverability of their email transmissions; they wanted us to figure out if we could help them get more of their emails to the inbox. Of course, we were happy to explore this – and with new customers, we begin by asking a lot of questions to get an overall perspective of their methods.

Marketing Automation and Content – The Perfect Match for Business Growth

Are you using marketing automation software to maximize your content’s ROI? If not, what’s the holdup? Companies using marketing automation have 53% higher conversion rates than companies that do not. Marketing automation conversions are flying high for a reason. 

Those Easy-to-Get Images Could Be Costly

Trust me on this one. Or don't. Research my sources if you like. Look for stories, like I did. Find the facts for yourself, if you want to. Just do one thing. Stop grabbing images from anywhere to use on your site or in your emails. It's a fact: doing so could cost you big money. Read this post. Learn how you can elevate your business beyond this particular risk - or learn if you are already doing so.

Brainstorming Great Content Ideas - Five Steps

One of the most effective ways to generate great ideas for great content is to hold a brainstorming session. We've taken some of the best ideas from around the web and merged them with your world - the world of marketing. Here are five simple steps to follow to make your brainstorming sessions as productive as possible.

You See Your House from Space, So How Many Blog Subscribers Do You Have?

“Subscribe to our blog” is the most common call to action (CTA) on WordPress websites, and one of the lowest-performing CTAs you can have on your site. You will, however, get blog subscribers, and, if you’ve been blogging for a while, you probably have a fair number of subscribers.

Why Segment Your Leads When They’ll Do It Themselves?

Segment your lead list. We hear it, and we read it, all over the web. I’m betting that 8 out of 10 marketing consultants have told their customers that they need to segment their leads in order to be…. oh, words like “relevant” and “responsive” come to mind here. So, like dutiful advice-followers, marketers attempt to segment their leads – putting different people into different buckets to get different emails based on what the marketer perceives the leads’ interests to be

A Benchmark Study Illustrating the Perils of Most Marketing Advice

The “2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study” has been published by the nice people over at DemandGen, their second annual report. Here are some of the “main findings” of that report, in one perilous paragraph:

Don’t Be Seduced by Your Open Rates

Cue the bugles! Release the balloons! Break out the champagne! The open rate on your latest email is at 40% and still climbing! Ever have one of those days? How could anything go more perfectly? I mean, you crafted an elegant and enticing email. It’s gorgeous – and look, so many people are opening it! It’s perfect and wonderful, and your business is going to skyrocket as a result! Yay you!


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