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Turn WordPress into a lead generation machine with the Genoo Plugin for WordPress. Creating landing pages, calls-to-action, and capturing lead information from your WordPress site has never been easier!

Why Choose Us?

  • The PlatformEasy to use. Full featured. Cloud-based.
  • The Client Support Email. Phone. Online. Included.
  • No IT RequiredMarketing execution on your timeline.
  • Our PricingThe best value-for-feature solution available.


"We are learning a lot about our customers and visitors by seeing the pages they visit on our site.  We can then automatically route the most responsive leads to our sales team for immediate follow-up, and as a result, high-quality leads never slip through the cracks.  The biggest benefit is our sales team's ability to keenly focus on the hottest leads."

Patti Page
Marketing Coordinator
Voice & Data Networks, Inc.

Genoo + Lumens: Supercharging Continuing Education Marketing Results!

Find out how Genoo and Lumens are helping Continuing Education Marketers get excellent results with their online marketing activities.

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Marketing Automation To Help You Grow

Lead Management
Lead Management through centralized lead database
A centralized lead database
allows you to track and understand lead interest for better targeting.
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Landing Pages &Lead Capture
Landing Pages and Lead Capture Forms - No IT Required.
Capture lead interest & track
their purchase intent. No more waiting on IT.

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Email Marketing &Lead Nurturing

Easily create, schedule, & sequence
campaigns and lead nurturing that keep you top-of-mind.
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Turn Leads Into Customers
CRM for businesses - built for SMB Sales Teams
CRM designed for the needs of the SMB sales team
seamlessly integrated with rich marketing data.
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Tools for Online Marketing

Tools for Online Marketing & Marketing Automation

Online Marketing must go beyond sending emails. You also have to

  • come up in search engines for your target audience,
  • understand which keywords result in visitor-to-lead conversions,
  • test your website pages and improve conversion rates.
  • automatically segment leads based upon their interest for targeted messages,
  • automate repetitive marketing campaigns so you can send the right messages and keep leads engaged and learning more.
  • utilize your content easily across your website, blog, and social media like facebook, linkedin, and twitter.
  • have comprehensive analytics so you can see trends and improve results.
  • share the most sales-ready leads seamlessly with your sales team.

Genoo makes it easy to go beyond just email marketing and saves you time so you can focus. Marketing Automation tools that make it easy for SMB's to compete!

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Resources To Help You Win

Marketing Automation Resources

Showing you where to start and how to get going.

Webinars, Expert Interviews, Book Recommendations, and more.

Harnessing the Internet is one of the best and cost-effective forms of advertising for your business. We've got some resources that will help you get your arms around it all.

We help you think about and answer questions like:

  • Should I blog?  Or would a Microsite be a better vehicle?
  • How can I use comments on my website pages?
  • How do I think about content that will build my brand?
  • How can I rank higher or improve my reputation in Google?
  • How do I improve the optimization of my landing pages so they convert better??
  • Does the design of my emails really make a huge difference in response?
  • What's a good method of building links to my content?
  • What do I need to consider with mobile?
  • What's the best way to get started with social media networks?
  • How do I use the internet to increase my sales and grow my business?

We have interviewed some of the leading marketing thought-leaders.  Our interviews, webinars, and articles break it down to what you can take on and tackle for success.  Based on SMB resource constraints, we show you how to harness the internet with an effective strategy to generate leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers.

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